Jun 27


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  1. karen

    omg I just finished this book I couldn’t put it down jed power is a awesome writer I love Hampton beach and go there everychance I get I felt so connected to reading this book like dan Marlowe was someone I knew from the beach a must read for Hampton beach lovers and anyone that loves a good murder mystery!

    1. Jed

      HI Karen,

      Thanks for the kind words. A writer needs all the encouragement they can get, believe me!

      If you have time consider giving a review on Amazon Books. That helps a lot.

      The third Dan Marlowe novel will be out in the spring.

      Thank you again.


  2. Erin

    I am almost thru The Boss. I am really enjoying it. I look forward to the next book. The book I have is autographed. Thanks. I do have a couple of suggestions if you would be interested in listening. Well I am off to start my 6 mile walk. I go to Seabrook harbor, over the bridge, thru the reservation.
    Much continued success.

    1. Jed

      Thanks, Erin. Sure, I like feedback. My email is jedpower@verizon.net

      The 2nd in the Dan Marlowe series, “Hampton Beach Homicide,” is out in paper and ebook. The 3rd, “Blood On Hampton Beach,” will also be out in paper and ebook Memorial Day 2014.

  3. Ginny

    Hi, I’ve read all three of your books and truly enjoyed them. Anxiously awaiting another book.

    1. Jed

      Hi Ginny,
      Thanks for the compliments. The new Dan Marlowe book, “Honeymoon Hotel,” should be out in April.
      Around that time I’ve also got the first novel in a new P.I. series, “The Combat Zone,” coming out too. It’s about a P.I. who hangs his hat in early 1970’s Harvard Square and spends a lot of time in the Combat Zone, Boston’s red-light district.


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